Tuesday, December 20, 2011

LOTR Lego Set Analysis Part II - Shelob Attacks

Now let's move on to 9470 Shelob Attacks!!! This set is basically a model of Shelob, Frodo and Sam minifigs, and Gollum in a little cave. I'm not too impressed with Shelob, she reminds me of the Aragog model in the Harry Potter sets. How many ways can you make a giant Lego spider, really? Sam holds the Light of Eärendil, which in Lego world is just a Lego gem.

My favorite reveal in this set is a special sculpt for Lego Gollum! One of my biggest worries was that he'd end up a minifigure like Lego Dobby. Fortunately, it looks like (from the fuzzy little pictures) that he will have a special body sculpt! This is the neatest thing I've seen in the Shelob Attacks set, and I can't WAIT to see a full, detailed, high quality reveal!

Lego Dobby - BAD

Lego Gollum - GOOD

Stay tuned for Part III of my LOTR Lego Set Analysis!

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